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The Ukraine Fund

The Ukraine Fund was established in the Spring of 2022 to address the humanitarian catastrophe caused by Russian aggression. Eight million people were forced to flee the countryand a similar number were displaced internally,

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Shelters and Heating  & Communication Points

 Help Ukraine's citizens survive Russia's missile attacks on critical infrastructure.   


First Responder Support

Help us provide medical trauma kits to first responders to treat soldiers and civilians wounded as a result of the war.


Women & Children

Women and children need our help as they face the devastating realities of living in a country at war.


Landmines injure and kill many adults and children. Donate to provide kits that disarm landmines.

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Medical Trauma

Help us provide first aid kits to soldiers and civilians wounded as a result of war.


 Hospitals in Crisis

With tens of thousands of military and civilian war casualties, hospitals desperately need support

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The Humanity Funds is in constant touch with its Ukraine partners. Needs change and a Greatest Need donation allows a flexible response.

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