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Supporting Ukraine's Critical Hospitals


Hospital Support:

​-- Ukraine’s largest Children’s Hospital “Ohmatdyt”

In April 2023 The Humanity Funds visited Kyiv’s largest Children’s Hospital “Ohmatdyt” with 720 beds serving about 270 000 children annually. We reviewed urgent needs with the Director General and his medical team.  A list of needed medical supplies is being prepared but the hospital has prioritized a renovation of its large kitchen facility that feeds all patients with highly specialized dietary needs and also has served the as one of the city kitchens when Russian missiles hit Kyiv.  The kitchen is housed in a building built in 1894 and looks very much like it has not been upgraded since. 



-- Main Military Clinical Center in Kyiv

The medical system of Ukraine, especially military medical institutions, are overwhelmed with the victims coming in from smaller hospitals from the Eastern front. A hospital close to Bakhmut will treat 100-130 soldiers a day and if the injuries are too serious, often requiring difficult orthopedic surgery, soldiers will be transported to this Main Military Clinical Center.  The Humanity Funds was granted an exception to visit its orthopedic department. The list of medical items needed is long (see LIST); the current most urgent need is for a mobile x-ray machine for the operating room (C-arch).

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