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Shelter and Heating & Communication Points


During the winter of 2022/2023, The Humanity Funds in cooperation with the city of Kyiv and the Ukrainian registered nonprofit Soloma Cats, established three Heating and Community Points, serving up to 400 people each daily, providing heat, hot water, connectivity and places for children to play. To support families who are not able to reach these facilities, The Humanity Funds, in collaboration with the National Police/Human Rights Department, delivered and installed smaller generators serving the most vulnerable, widows with children. The Heating & Communication spots are now used by the neighborhoods including theatre production, music lessons, art classes etc. Because of the arrival of spring weather and because of improvement in the power supply situation, The Humanity Funds has put both these programs on hold until at least late fall 2023.


Since the risk of Russian missile attacks continue, the City of Kyiv has set aside $55,000 to upgrade a large bomb shelter located in a basement of an apartment building (Vidradny district).  It’s in dire need of upgrade – humidity, dust, lack of ventilation and safe electricity make a stay very difficult. The local community has worked out a concept with local architects for an upgrade that makes this space a bomb shelter and a place to meet. The cost of the upgrade will be about $105,000 with the City hoping that donations will make up the $50,000 difference.  Soloma Cats, with the help of The Humanity Funds, will raise funds to help meet this shortfall.

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