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  • Does The Humanity Fund accept credit cards for donations?
    Donations may be made by check made out to The Humanity Funds and sent to The Humanity Funds at 8011 Talbot Road, Edmonds, WA 98026-5040, or by bank transfer as described in tab "Legal and Banking" on the Home Page, or by Pay Pal where payment can be made by credit cards accepted by Paypal or by a Paypal account.
  • Are donations refundable if I change my mind?
    Probably not. Donations received are sent on to implementing partners soon after receipt. Once this happens the donations cannot be refunded. If a donation is made and a refund is requested almost immediately, it is possible that it will not have been sent on to implementing partners. In this rare case a refund might be possible. To request a refund contact
  • When was The Humanity Funds established?
    The original Humanity Fund (singular) was established in December 2011 to provide assistance for Girls’ and Women’s education in Afghanistan. In 2022 The Humanity Funds (plural) was established with a three fold set of objectives; humanitarian relief in Ukraine, Girls’ and Women’s Education in Afghanistan, and climate policy focused on the Amazon.
  • Who runs The Humanity Funds?
    The Chief Executive Officer of the Humanities Funds is Silke Johnstone, a lawyer and former senior executive of The Boeing Company.
  • Where is The Humanity Funds based?
    The Humanity Funds is a Washington State Corporation based at 8011 Talbot Road in Edmonds, Washington, 98026.
  • Does the Humanity Funds have Tax Exempt status?
    Yes, The Humanity Funds has IRS 501c3 status. Every donor to The Humanity Funds receives a tax exemption certificate for the year of their donation.
  • What is the Employee Identification Number of The Humanity Funds?
    The number is 88-2704186.
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