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Who We Are

We are a small group with extensive governmental, private sector and international  non-profit experience.  We established The Humanity Funds (THF) in the Spring of 2022 and received US Government 501c3 registered charity status in June of that year.  Our guiding principle is research critical needs in our target countries and to work through local partners to implement and monitor projects to meet these needs.  By going local we not only achieve immediate impact but also build the long-term capabilities of our local partners.   We select our programs carefully.  Our partners range from small grassroot organizations to large governmental organizations.  Our projects are designed to address a wide range of needs to include critical infrastructure, education, humanitarian relief  and longer term strategic projects designed to build lasting local capabilities. Our overarching  goal is  to bring about measurable and lasting, positive impact.

Our Approach

All of THF’s programs are based on in-depth assessments of the situation in each country by THF experts who have longstanding nonprofit and business experience.  Its experts will identify humanitarian requirements, evaluate most efficient aid projects and, together with local stakeholders, address the most urgent needs. All projects are evaluated by impact criteria including timeliness, long term effect and sustainability as well as financial efficiency. The goal is to provide donors a start to finish identification of projects, partnering organizations, monitoring and outcome analysis.

Silke Johnstone


Silke Johnstone is a proven international business and nonprofit leader. Following a successful career in the aerospace industry, Silke, a European and US trained lawyer, led Razia’s Ray of Hope, a 501c3 nonprofit operating schools for girls and young women in Afghanistan. She currently is a Board Member of Kids of Ukraine, a Californian based nonprofit. In 2021 Silke and her husband, Ambassador ret Craig Johnstone, founded The Humanity Funds, a Washington State based 501c3 organization.

Silke is a graduate of German, French, Belgian and US law schools, holder of the Thomas Bradbury Chetwood SJ Prize and former Fellow at Georgetown’s Institute for Economic Law.


Our Board of Directors

L. Craig  Johnstone


Steven C. Kinsley

Board Member

Erik Schumy

Board Member

Help fund a better future for humanity.

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