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How We Work

Whenever possible we work to empower local organizations.  We conduct on-site visits, find capable partners and provide the funding and technical help they need to help their communities.  We measure performance and expect accountability. Our way of operating produces fast and efficient responses to meet critical needs. 

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Spotlight 2023: The Voices of Children Charitable Foundation

This month, we want to honor an organization doing especially important work for the people of Ukraine

Where We Work

We have two major Funds that currently support programs in Ukraine and Afghanistan respectively. In 2024, we plan to add a program in Brazil to support female leaders of indigenous tribes protecting the Amazon. In addition, we have implemented an Emergency Fund to address extreme emergency humanitarian needs as needed in other countries.

The Ukraine Fund

Addressing the Needs from the War in Ukraine

The Afghanistan Fund

Promoting and supporting women’s education in Afghanistan

The Emergency Relief Fund

Supporting tomorrow’s unforeseen crises, today

Partnering Organizations

In Ukraine, we currently work with selected governmental organizations (eg, the Human Rights Department of the National Police) and selected local non-profits including Soloma Cats, Voices of Children, Zagoriy, Tabletochiki, and the Ridni Orphanage. In Afghanistan, we work with the local leadership and network of PARSA.

Help fund a better future for humanity.

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