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Stolen Children --Stolen Childhoods

Children are the most vulnerable and innocent victims of war, but their stories are frequently overlooked or overshadowed by adult accounts. The Humanity Funds produced documentary gives prominence to the perspective of three children who courageously speak to our Ukrainian film crew about their experiences, relaying raw accounts of their lives in the Russian occupied areas of Ukraine, their abduction by Russian forces and the destruction of their homes, schools, families, communities and ways of life.

We handle the telling of these children's stories with great care and meticulous sensitivity to honor the storytellers and alart the world to the atrocities through which they have lived and what they face as they go through the process of healing.

Our hope and expectation is that the documentary will serve as both a record of the experiences and resilience of Ukraine's children and a fund-raising vehicle for The Humanity Fund's continuing efforts to support Save Ukraine's rescue missions and to otherwise support the rehabilitation of children who have suffered so much as a result of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Our support will be targeted on:

-- Psychological trauma,

-- Medical, legal and basic services

-- Construction of Community Centers and Hope and Healing Centers,

-- Increased rescue missions.


Please join us in sponsoring this film and be a part of restoring childhood to Ukraine's Children.



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