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Education and Trauma Support for Women & Children


Women and children have seen, heard and experienced horrendous events in Ukraine, often including direct violence - traumatic events that result in serious depression, anxiety, flashbacks, nightmares and post-traumatic stress disorder. These symptoms hinder the ability of the victims to function effectively and thereby directly impact Ukraine’s future generation.

  • Therapeutic Camp for Children


The Ukrainian registered nonprofit Voices of Children, together with The Humanity Funds and the National Police is planning a two-week therapeutic summer camp for up to 80 children, including children of fallen police officers. The camp will provide much relief from the endless attacks being experienced in Ukraine's urban centers. Twelve trained Ukrainian psychologists will work with the children including mentorship for the children after they return home. 


  • Support for Children Rescued after Russian kidnapping.


The Ukrainian registered nonprofit Save Ukraine has taken the lead in tracking and rescuing children kidnapped by Russian Forces during their occupation of parts of Ukraine. To date they have arranged five missions of Ukrainian mothers to go to Ukraine to take their children out of orphanages, camps and from foster families.  The process is extraordinarily delicate.  Save Ukraine manages psychological and financial support for the rescued children and their families.  They have currently over 50 families that need a place to stay; Safe Ukraine needs to put additional temporary shelters in place to allow evacuated families to plan their future again.


  • Theater Program for Teens


The city of Kyiv has put up a matching fund of $50,000 to support a theater for teens suffering from effects of the war.  The acting group is up and running and performing in Kyiv.  A recent production centered on the plight of teens from Bucha who lived through Russia’s brutal and criminal attack on that suburb of Kyiv.  The Humanity Funds team visited Bucha soon after the Russians were repelled.  That the teens that survived that attack, and are now participating in the theater group, is a testimony to Ukrainian resilience.

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